Equine Hoof Instruments List

Hoof trimming is one of the most important parts of horse foot care. You got to do it at right time, with right tool and with right techniques. There is not shortcut to experience and there is no alternate to right tools that do the job well. Regardless of how experienced you are, you will be needing one of the listed tools from each category to do a hoof job.

  • Hoof Tester – To test condition of hoof from various angles, sides and places. You may not need a hoof-tester if the hoof is healthy but in case you need to know if it is, hoof tester come very handy. A hoof tester is used to determine the location of a painful area in the foot of a lame horse. To test for a foot problem, place the end of one jaw on the suspected area and the other on the outside of the wall, and exert pressure in that area by closing the handles. The horse’s reaction to the pressure in that area is the basis for the diagnosis of lameness.
    • Hoof Tester 13 Inch
    • Adjustable hoof tester 13 Inch
    • Hoof Tester 19 Inch
  • Hoof pick – to clean debris from the bottom of the hoof and level the grooves outside the frog. Hooves are picked out from heel to toe. Frequent cleaning of the hoof helps prevent thrush.
  • Hoof knife – to trim away loose dried out sole and to trim off loose or ragged frog. A hoof knife is used to relieve pressure on corns and cracks, and to remove foreign bodies from the foot. Hoof knives are available in wide, narrow and loop types in right-handed and left-handed styles.
    • Left Hand
      • Left Handed Classic Hoof Knife
      • Left Handed Hoof Knife with long handle
      • Left Handed Hoof Knife with Narrow Blade
      • Left Handed Hoof Knife with Wide Blade
      • Left Handed Drop Blade
      • Left Handed Offset Blade
      • Left Handed Curved Blade
      • Mustad Left Hand Hoof Knife
      • Double Edge Hoof Knife
    • Right Hand
      • Right Handed Classic Hoof Knife
      • Right Handed Knife with Long Handle
      • Right Handed Knife with Narrow Blade
      • Right Handed Knife with Wide Blade
      • Right Handed Drop Blade
      • Right Handed Offset Blade
      • Right Handed Curved Blade
      • Mustad Right Hand Hoof Knife
      • Double Edge Hoof Knife
  • Nippers – to trim the outgrowth of hoof-wall from the hoof. Hoof Nippers are available in varying sizes, i.e. from 14- and 15-inch nippers are used where more leverage is needed on dry hoofs and on draft horses while 12-inch nippers can be used on show horses, racehorses and foals. Following are the commonly used hoof nippers.
  • Rasp – to level bottom of the hoof wall, remove burrs and smoothen the round edges outside the hoof-wall. The other side is fine for smooth finishing work.  Following Hoof Rasps are common and frequently used.
    • Bellota
      • Bellota Classic
      • Bellota Top Finish
      • Bellota Top Sharp
      • Bellota Top Finish
    • Heller
      • Heller Red Tang
      • Heller Legend
      • Heller Blackmaster
      • Heller Black Legend
      • Heller Big Hoof
      • Heller Master Finish
    • Save- Edge
      • Save- Edge Finish
      • Save- Edge Beast
    • Vallorbe
      • Vallorbe Spirit
  • Calipers – to measure the hoof’s length at the centre of the toe. Clippers will help you match size of front-feet and hind feet. You can also use Rulers or tape measure for the purpose. You may want to measure lengthand width on the bottom of each foot, and keep a record of how your horse’s feet change over the first year. Also needed for ordering boots.

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