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Dental Instruments of Medical-Tools are made of Finest Grade of Stainless Steel on Precession, Accuracy of Pattern and with Latest Technology. Instruments Shown Here are Some of we made, We also Manufacture Custom Instruments.

Buy Direct from Manufacturers

We manufacture a wide range of quality instruments At Medical Tools, you are sure to get competitive prices

International Quality Instruments

Our products are recognized as the quality products through out the world, Most of our products are exported to USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Customization and Branding

Get customized beauty tools with your brand name on them. We offer a wide range of customization ranging from steel type to finishing, color, sizes and packaging. For more Information, please contact our Customer Care Department.

Wide Range of Tools

We offer one of the biggest selections of dental instruments including English pattern extracting forceps, American pattern extracting forceps, forceps for children, fitting handle forceps, root elevators, bone rongeurs, bone curettes, needle holders, dental scalars, excavators, probe and explorers, cement spatulas, filling instruments, mouth gags, impression trays, cotton tweezers, and mouth mirrors, Daily basis instrument for dentists.


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