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Surgical Instrument manufactured at Medical Tools are recognized as the high quality surgical instruments throughout the World. We are manufacturing Single Use Surgical Instruments and Reusable Surgical Hospital Tools along with custom designed surgical instruments to meet your specific requirements and branding needs. Learn why should you choose surgical tools & instruments manufactured by us. Following list contains most common surgery tools like Surgical Scissors, Chest and Abdominal Retractors and Haemostatic Forceps. Please select a category to view individual instruments and details.

Abdominal Retractors


Biopsy Specimen Forceps

Diagnostic Instruments

Dissecting Forceps

Dressing Forceps

ENT Instruments


Haemostatic Forceps

Home Surgical Kit

Instruments Sets / Packs

Mouth & Tongue

Needle Holders

Obstetrics Instruments-OB/GY



Rhinology Instruments

Scalpel Handle


Sterilizing Aids

Towel Clamps

Trocars & Puncture Needles

Tubing Clamps

Urology/Kidney Instruments

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